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Package Deal: Signed Copies of Rebirth and Gravitas

Package Deal: Signed Copies of Rebirth and Gravitas

Divinity's Twilight: RebirthWinner of the 2020 OZMA Award for Best Fantasy and the 2021 American Fiction Award for Best Epic Fantasy


"What if the heroes of legend didn't save the world, but only delayed the inevitable?"


Seven centuries ago, Darmatus Aurelian won the Illyriite War, felling his own brother and sacrificing himself to close the Oblivion Well—a ravenous vortex that threatened to consume all life on Lozaria.


Yet his legacy has been forgotten. Though technology has revolutionized the spread of trade and information across the continent, mortal still fights mortal, oblivious to the creeping doom that stalks them from the shadows. Against a backdrop of soaring airships, marching armies, and scheming rulers, Vallen Metellus—a lowly military cadet with a dubious past—must take up Darmatus' mantle and finish what the legendary hero could not. The war isn't over, the past isn't buried, and a vengeful ancient power is about to be unleashed in the name of justice.

Victory is never absolute.

Steampunk meets sword and sorcery meets military thriller in an epic fantasy with layered characters, deep world-building, and a lurking cosmic conflict that will upend everything the people of Lozaria know and cherish.




History has weight behind it. The power to crush an empire . . . or birth it anew.

Nowhere is this more true than the Republic of Lestadt, an island nation founded upon the bones of tyrants and sustained by the might of Gravitas. This magic is the manifestation of the past, drawing upon the heritage of relics and heirlooms to bend the forces of nature. The more storied an artifact, the more power it commands.

Yet after 300 years of prosperity, Lestadt is crumbling. Revolutionaries gather in the docklands, seeking restitution for the crimes of the ruling oligarchs. A mysterious augury pronounces the nation's doom.

Desperate to save themselves, Lestadt's Court of Magisters turns to Lord Fixer Scraw for salvation. The deformed man may be ruthless in his methods, but he has never failed them. With a powerful Gravitas relic in his scarred hands, unlimited resources at his disposal, and a depraved plan taking root in his mind, can Scraw stop the revolution and save Lestadt?

Or will the cure be worse than the disease?


Special Features: 


Includes a bookmark and one poster of your choice (Put: Pyrevant, Airship, Lilith, or Valescar in the check-out notes)

Ships ASAP 

6'' (width) x 9'' (height)

    $25.95 Regular Price
    $23.95Sale Price
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