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About the Author

            Christopher Russell, author of Divinity’s Twilight:  Rebirth, is a convert to the world of fiction publication who leverages his background in the sciences to craft a unique blend of mystical, yet realistic, fantasy literature. He possesses multiple degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Business, all from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, where he currently resides.
            Passion for reading is the foundation of any writer’s career. Christopher devoured books from an early age, leaving many of his favorites with frayed bindings and ink-smeared pages, their corners twisted many times over to mark his place. He cut his teeth on the Redwall series, tackled Tolkien in 4th grade, and graduated to the Star Wars universe in middle school, consuming nearly every novel written under that umbrella. 

            The transformation from fan to creator occurred in high school. Faced with a myriad of options to pursue for his senior honor project, Christopher chose to combine his enthusiasm for history with his penchant for prose, developing an alternative history novel centered on the “failed” assassination of Julius Caesar: First Legion. Though this book was never completed – the central character, Marcus, is presently “stranded atop a cliff in Greece” – his intriguing plot and visceral portrayals of trust and betrayals earned him the WJCC honors seal while planting the seed of possibility for future projects. 
            Divinity’s Twilight was initially conceived in 2012; it’s very first document a map drawn on the back of a Thermodynamics handout during a second-year college lecture. Several early chapters were planned, storylines developed, and characters fleshed out. However, life intruded, and Christopher was compelled to table the scenario indefinitely. 

            Five years later, having returned home for a few brief summer weeks, he was stunned by a simple message found in ‘Getting to Yes,’ the opening chapter of Matthew Kelly’s book, Resisting Happiness.  His eyes were opened. It was as if he was viewing his unconstrained future for the first time, a vast landscape containing limitless possibilities, both technical and artistic.  Within months, the first draft of Rebirth was finished, and the rest is, as they say, history. 
            The content of this fantasy epic is drawn from a variety of diverse influences.  Technology and magic are based on real-world principles, including physics, chemistry, and biology. Characters emerged from the depths of Christopher’s own psyche as well as those around him, coming to embody their hopes, fears, ambitions, compassion, humor, and even quirks. Combat was founded upon his ten years of training in Songahm Taekwondo, in which he’s the holder of a third-degree black belt. His understanding of avionics and military tactics are a result of his father’s – an army (ret.) colonel and veteran of 27 years – tutelage and instruction.  The roots of the people’s intricate myths and legends can be traced to his deep Christian faith.  Everything that Christopher is, and all that he desires to be, are painted in vivid strokes on this production born from determination and grit. 
            Now Christopher is in the process of deciding his next steps. Two more manuscripts are waiting in the wings, being prepped for release on the heels of Rebirth. The plot of Divinity’s Twilight, nigh unparalleled in its scope and depth, will take years and numerous entries to complete. Kingdoms will fall, wrongs will be righted, ancient powers shall be unearthed, unexpected heroes will make their names known, and the resolve of every person – from the loftiest Emperor to the most downtrodden serf – will be tested err it ends. A world with a rich history rivaling our own will rise to take its place alongside the greatest works of the 20th century. 
            But no significant undertaking occurs in a vacuum. Christopher owes all – his time, talents, and treasures – to Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior. His parents are his closest supporters and advocates, reviewing his work as beta readers and developing the ancillary business in the background. Countless others have contributed to his development as an individual:  teachers, ministers, friends, and coaches. Profuse thanks are also due to his publisher, Morgan James Publishing, who were the first to review and invest in his vision. 
            Together with these individuals – their contributions both past and present – Christopher Russell will endeavor to claim a position at the top of the fantasy community. From there he aims to entertain, thrill, instruct, encourage, and galvanize. Nothing he writes is without meaning; questions of philosophy, morality, and ethics are woven into every scene and conversation. Beginning with an enrapturing tale, Christopher aims to start a writing movement, one propagated by engaging enthusiasts using online resources, at conventions, or through hosting public events. 
            It is not enough to simply develop a good story. That’s a solid first step, but the real test comes next…
            …utilizing it to change the world, one reader at a time. 


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