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Holiday Deals and Steals

Divinity's Twilight: Rebirth (Signed Editions $8.95 + shipping) Unsure of what to buy your loved ones this year? Can't seem to find a gift that you can enjoy inside as the temperature drops? Look no further than Divinity's Twilight: Rebirth, an epic fantasy adventure that's perfect for the reader in your life. Signed copies are currently $8.95 (plus shipping) on my website, so there's never been a better time to begin your journey through the tempestuous skies of Lozaria.

From the Shadows (FREE E-Book) You can also add a freebie to your winter TBR: From the Shadows. This newly released anthology is the brain-child of 22 authors ranging from established best-sellers to promising newcomers. Beginning with humorous fare and proceeding to grimmer tales, these stories explore not the brave farmboy setting off on a heroic quest, but his opposite: the dark lord, despots, and VILLAINS of fantasy. Where did they go wrong? What drives them? And, most importantly, are they actually in the right?

Every villain is the hero of their own story.

BLURB: I thought I would be the hero. Instead, I became the villain. They curse me, call me ruthless, insane, unhinged… a monster. But is life so black and white? What if they took the time to understand my motivations? Would they still condemn me if they recognized the same monster lurking inside themselves? There’s a villain inside us all. Unhinge yourself from reality and walk with me into the darkness. If you dare…

From the Shadows is an anthology of twenty-one villainous stories brought to you by the authors of Indie Fantasy Addicts.


Gravitas: A Tale of the Constella - When Lestadt's College of Auguries delivers an omen of doom, the nation's leaders turn to Lord Fixer Scraw for salvation. His ruthless methods have succeeded before and should do so again. Yet with revolution on the horizon, the government on the brink of collapse, and only a month to combat the lurking threat, to what depths of depravity will Scraw descend to save Lestadt? Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease . . .

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