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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

In Celebration of Divinity's Twilight: Rebirth's birthday, these deals are running from now until October 12th! Get Divinity's Twilight: Rebirth on sale for the fantastic E-Book price of $0.99. That's 500 pages of Epic Fantasy adventure for less than ONE DOLLAR! This riveting tale of metal and magic is now available EVERYWHERE BOOKS ARE SOLD! Look for the physical edition at your favorite bookstore (Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, 2nd and Charles, Waterstones, !ndigo, and various independent shops) or your preferred online retailer. AMAZON LINK: All SIGNED COPIES purchased through my website ( are discounted from $19.95 to $10.95! Want CONCEPT ART? Get all four fantastic prints by author and artist Celeste Francis Campbell on our website shop for $3 + shipping. EVERY SIGNED COPY comes with a bookmark and your choice of one of these prints (Pyrevant, Airship, Lilith, Valescar) MEET THE AUTHOR: Our first in-person book signing will be Saturday, September 26 at Book Warehouse in the Williamsburg, VA Premium Outlets (Address: 5625 Richmond Rd ste f-130, Williamsburg, VA 23188)

TEASER A world consumed by war . . . An ancient evil resurrected . . . A millennia old bargain comes due . . . When two blades clash, the third will fall, and the fate of all will be jeopardized. To save Lozaria, the failures of the past must be atoned for by a new generation of heroes. The time has come for mortals to cast off sight and, in doing so, truly come to

see . . .

Victory is never absolute.

Seven centuries ago, the forces of order won the Illyriite War on the plains of Har'muth. Darmatus and Rabban Aurelian slew their elder brother, Sarcon, the despotic architect of the conflict, then sacrificed themselves to banish the cataclysmic vortex opened with his dying breath. The first advent of the Oblivion Well was thwarted. Even without their vanished gods, the seven races of Lozaria proved themselves capable of safeguarding their world.

Or so the story goes.

The year is now 697 A.B.H (After the Battle of Har'muth). Though war itself remains much the same, the weapons with which it is waged have evolved. Airships bearing powerful cannons ply the skies, reducing the influence of mages and their spells. Long range communication has brought far flung regions of Lozaria closer than ever before. At the center of this technological revolution are the three Terran states of Darmatia, Rabban, and Sarconia, who have fought a near ceaseless campaign of 700 years in an attempt to best each other. The roots of their enmity lie buried beneath the wasteland of Har'muth, a place all three nations consider best forgotten.

However, an ancient power sealed within Har'muth has not forgotten them, and the

descendants of those who fought on that field must now take a stand to rectify the mistakes of the past.

Please take advantage of these stellar deals and, in doing so, help Divinity's Twilight: Rebirth make the Amazon E-Book bestseller list. Even if you've already purchased the book, every $0.99 purchase—which can be gifted to friends!—brings us closer to that goal. I am eternally grateful for your support and patronage. Thank you so, so much.

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