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National All-Author Cover of the Month Contest WINNER!

On June 2, almost a month ago, Divinity's Twilight: Rebirth was published on E-Book platforms. It was a nerve-wracking release. As a first time author, I was uncertain how my work would be received and whether anyone—not just strangers, but family and friends as well—would care about it.

The All Author June Cover of the Month Contest shattered those doubts into 696 splinters: one for each incredible supporter who took the time to find my page, make another social media account, and vote for Chris McGrath's breathtaking illustration. An outpouring of love and kindness came from every corner imaginable. Old classmates, football teammates, and martial arts peers and students. Morgan James, my fellow authors, and my budding fanbase. My church, the Knights of Columbus, the Little Sisters of St. Francis, and believers all around the world.

It was as if I'd left a little length of string behind with every connection I'd made. And with the slightest touch, the weakest nudge, I was able to set those threads to dancing once more. This experience has taught me that relationships never die, and that my communities can be counted on when it really matters. You, each of you, are the reason for this victory. You are the reason I can be an author; the reason my voice carries beyond the ink and pages where it lies. You are the reason for the warmth in my chest, the tears in my eyes, and this moment of profound clarity and peace.

No amount of gratitude can repay my debt. But I will continue to write, craft new worlds and stories, and take you on adventures to far-off places you've never dreamed of seeing. I shall ensure that the support you've given is returned a hundred-fold in everything I do.

So . . . thank you for your love . . . for that is what your vote truly conveys. With Profuse Appreciation, Christopher Russell Author of Divinity's Twilight: Rebirth

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In-Stores Everywhere September 22, 2020

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